1st Annual Meeting of Collaborative Laboratories

16th and 17th October

ANI and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) are organizing the CoLABs 2020 annual meeting. The event, dedicated to the progressive evolution of CoLABs and their integration in Portugal and Europe, will include a presentation of the status of implementation and evolution of each of the 26 recognized CoLABs. In addition, there will be a period of discussion with a panel of international mentors who are part of the ongoing monitoring program. The works will be chaired by Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Due to the current situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures imposed by the Portuguese General Directorate of Health, the event will be restricted, but broadcast remotely, live, on this page.

See the complete Program of the event.

See the 1st Monitoring Report.

Purpose of the event

To deepen the monitoring of the CoLABs activities’ and their development in the context of regional, national and European research and innovation strategies, as well as to foster the debate on their role in the dynamics of innovation, job creation and qualified employment in Portugal. 


The sessions will occur exclusively in English and will be transmitted in live streaming through this online page.

  • Presentation: 5-10 minutes (max.) - each CoLAB should prepare about 4 slides, including:
  1. Status of installation updated to 30th September 2020, with data about the HR hired and the financial execution implemented;
  2. Challenges and opportunities for the upcoming: 6 months; 2 years; and 5 years;
  3. Current and evolving key competences/activities and target markets;
  4. Impact forecast on qualified employment (direct and indirect).
  • Discussion: about 10 minutes – discussion with the mentors after the presentation of each CoLAB.

Watch the video-summary of the 1st Annual Meeting of Collaborative Laboratories


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