Venue : LNEC Auditorium, Lisbon

Date: October 16

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This is the first event ever organised in Portugal about innovation public procurement, one day event with the cooperation of both projects iBuy - Fostering the role of public authorities as demandrs of innovation through public procurement and the P2I – Procure2Innovate- European Network of Competence Centres for Innovation Procurement, with the purpose to discuss the relevance of the procurement competences and policy instruments to support capacity building on the implementation of innovation public procurement. It will be a very important impulse for IPP in the country with a perspective to have around 150 participants total, discussing the role of public procurement to promote innovation.

Innovation Public Procurement (IPP) has a reduced expression in Portugal. This context reinforces the strategic relevance of the collaboration agreement established with IMPIC, which was an important step in the mandate given by RCM 25/2018 to ANI, in order to deepen purchasing procedures that promote innovation, in conjunction with other entities of the Public Administration.

Structuring the joint work of the two entities are the activities carried out under INTERREG iBuy and Horizon 2020 Procure2Innovate, two ongoing European projects coordinated at national level by the ANI, with close assistance of the IMPIC.

In the scope of activity 3.4 of the iBuy project - Fostering the role of public authorities as the demand for innovation through public procurement, ANI is the coordinator of the second thematic seminar under the topic "Capacity building a driver for IPP transnational cooperation".


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Session 1 - CASE STUDIES

Chairman: Luís Ferreira - ANI, Portugal

Hannu Latva-Rasku – Industryhack, Finland
Undervalued procurer competences in innovative public procurement with case examples from Finland [Video]

Andrius Adamonis - Bank of Lithuania, Lithuania
Procurers competences for the successful implementation of the pre-commercial procurement [Video]

Emanuela Modoran - Digital Innovation Smart eHub, Romania
Digital Innovation Hub speeding up the uptake of digital innovations by Public Authorities [Video]

Athanasios Kakarountas - Region of Sterea Ellada / Regional Research and Innovation Council, Greece
FABULOS PCP: A Greek Municipality as an Innovation Procurer [Video] 


Arvis Bernics - Ventspils Reiss, Latvia
Procurer skills within prior market consultation [Video]

Beatriz Torralba -  Project manager. Innovation Procurement Office. CDTI. Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Spain
CDTI´s Pre-commercial Procurement Initiative. Selected cases for the preliminary market consultation [Video] 



Chairman: Fernando Batista - IMPIC, Portugal
Stefan Maier - Head of the PPPI Service Center, Austria
The PPPI Service Center – the Austrian Competence Center for Public Procurement of  Innovation [Video] 

Johanna Enberg - The National Agency for Public Procurement, Sweden
The Swedish Competence Centre on Innovation Procurement [Video] 

Marlene Grauer - International Project Manager, Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics, Germany; [Video] Doris Scheffler - Senior Consultant, ZENIT GmbH, Germany [Video] 

Support for innovation public procurement in Germany 

Beatriz Torralba - Project manager. Innovation Procurement Office. CDTI. Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Spain
Spanish Competence Centre in IP. Pre-commercial Procurement Initiative [Video] 

Jacobien Munt-Beekhuis; Baldwin Henderson, PIANOo, The Netherlands
History and current IPP program in The Netherlands [Video] 

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