R&D and Innovation in the Digital Economy

The Department of Strategy and Research (GEE) and the National Innovation Agency (ANI) have launched an invitation for the submission of scientific articles, in the context of the 2nd edition of the Innovation in the Portuguese Economy Award, which will take place in 2019, under the theme of “R&D and Innovation in the Digital Economy”. Candidates must submit scientific papers that contribute to the identification of economic policy solutions in R&D and Innovation, especially on Digital Economy.

The scientific committee that will evaluate the articles will be António Bob Santos (ANI), Aurora Teixeira (CEF.UP-FEP), Maria José Sousa (GEE, EU and CIS-UC), Paulo Neto (EE, UMPP, CICS). NOVA, UÉVORA) and Rita Bessone Basto (GEE and Nova SBE).

Suggestions for topics to address (not exclusive):

  • Innovation Trends in promoting the Digital Economy (e.g. 5g, HPC, AI, Robotisation);
  • Open Innovation, Open Access to Data: Research & Development
  • Emerging Innovations in Cybersecurity;
  • Digital Market for Companies (Digital Products and Services);
  • Innovation, energy efficiency and circular economy;
  • Technology-based entrepreneurship;
  • Blockchain technologies for the digital economy.


Deadline for submitting proposals and articles:

    • First phase: 31st of May 2019
      Submission of proposal or draft article;


  •  Second phase: 31st of August 2019
     Submission of article.


The four best works will receive a prize of €3,000 and will be announced as working papers on the ANI and GEE websites. See the works awarded in 2017 under this initiative.

Proposals must be submitted via the following address:

See the invitation regulations.


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