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Internationally recognized Portuguese textiles

Wearing clothes made from cork or clothes coloured using plants and mushrooms can become a reality thanks to projects by Sedacor and Tintex. Both of the companies’ projects, which are both supported by the ANI 

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Hacker-proof technology

New Age of Discoveries

To eat and cry for more

At first glance, it seems almost impossible to write about traditional Portuguese smoked fish and “smart” greenhouses in the same sentence. But the truth is that they share a secret ingredient in common (...)

New technologies to lovingly care for

At first glance it looks like a normal house. But whoever sees it from the outside does not imagine that they are in front of Hometech, a traditional dwelling transformed into an “smart” house through a project that (...)

From the lighthouse city of Lisbon to smart consumption: Innovative projects to be born in Portugal

We are in Lisbon city centre. It’s the year 2020. Trams now mark the landscape of the capital. There are smart lighting posts, buildings that have been restored in order to maximise their efficiency (...)

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Sharing ventures to promote innovation: ANI and venture capitals support technology companies with complementary funding

The ANI - National Innovation Agency provides a set of services that aim to enable companies to access investment, as well as a varied number of tools to support their activity (...)

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Technology supported by the ANI to reach the market: The ANI reinforces closeness to customers

Innovation can help you with simple, day-to-day tasks. Shopview2Market is the name of an innovative system that verifies and controls the products displayed on the shelves of a commercial outlet (...)

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Portugal asserts itself as an innovative ecosystem - COTEC and ANI award knowledge-based innovation

TMG Automotive and SILVEX were the two companies awarded and are positive references for the Portuguese business fabric at the level of knowledge-based innovation and placing value on it (...)

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High-Tech Sports - Technology-based innovation is key to winning

Launched on the market in the last quarter of 2016,Sharki  accompanies sailors and monitors, in (almost) real time, their route, their distance travelled, their average speed, the quality of the wind (...) 

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