The 118 regions involved were announced on June 7th

The European Commission has announced the first 118 regions and local authorities that have committed to the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change by signing the so-called Mission Pact. Among them are 8 Portuguese regions: Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Cascais, Cávado, Fundão, Mafra, Médio Tejo, Coimbra Region and Vila Pouca de Aguiar. Two other institutions are also 'friends' of the mission: BLC3 and Food4Sustainability. The announcement was made at the 1st Forum of the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change.

The mission of the European Union is to support the European Green Deal and the Climate Adaptation Strategy. The main objective is to support 150 regions and communities as they accelerate their transition into climate resilience, by helping them understand, prepare for and manage climate-induced risks, as well as developing innovative solutions to increase resilience.

All signatories of the Mission Pact have committed to enhancing climate resilience in an inclusive way, involving local stakeholder institutions, civil society, the business and industrial community, research institutions and all citizens.

The questionnaire for expressions of interest remains open for regions and communities to propose themselves as partners in this mission. Participation in this survey is open and non-competitive. All applications received will be assessed accordingly. The next announcement will be made during the R&I Days which will be held in Brussels on September 28th and 29th in an online format. Participation in the Mission is not exclusive to those who sign the Mission Pact.

See all the regions that have signed the protocol here.

Find out more here.

ANI is the National Contact Point for the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change.


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