European magazine “PANORAMA”, one of the main publications of the European Commission, has placed the spotlight on ANI as a result of its coordinating role in the definition of an intelligent specialization multi-level strategy for Portugal.

The Agency chairs the Coordinating Council of the National Strategy of Investigation and Innovation for an Intelligent Specialization (ENEI), with the purpose of developing the national system for investigation and innovation. The main goal is to identify the more significant intelligent strategic stakes that are associated with scientific, technological and economic specialization in which Portugal holds current or potential comparative and competitive advantages.

The article highlights the recovery of intelligent specialization strategies in Portugal for the negotiations of the next post-2020 community funding framework, as a follow-up to the “RIS3 in Portugal” Peer Learning Workshop, received in May on behalf of CCDR Algarve and co-organized by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and by ANI.

This workshop, which brought together experts of the European Commission and representatives of ANI from the five coordination and regional development commissions of Continental Portugal and autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira, represented an opportunity to review the progress of the implementation of intelligent specialization in Portugal, on a national as well as on a regional level, with its main focus being the sharing of policies between regions regarding the implementation of best practices - and also to launch the process of updating strategies in anticipation of the European Union’s next programming period.

The “PANORAMA” magazine article emphasizes the work developed within the regions of Portugal for the application of the funds for innovative projects which promote the transfer of knowledge from the investigation centers to the market.

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