April 27th to 30th, digital format.

The European Commission and nine Member-States of the European Union are organizing the "EU Knowledge Valorisation Week", which will take place from April 27th to April 30th, 2021. The digital event will present policies and good practices from all over Europe, as identified in the report “Towards a Policy Dialogue and Exchange of Best Practices on Knowledge Valorisation”, which will accelerate the translation of scientific knowledge into products and solutions for the benefit of society.

The “EU Knowledge Valorisation Week” will function in digital format through webinars, which will tackle topics such as Inter-sectoral mobility, Knowledge Transfer tools and smart use of intellectual property in local and industrial innovation ecosystems.

ANI will be participating in a panel on the 28th, under the theme “Connecting the dots: intermediaries facilitating Knowledge uptake”, in which there will be a presentation of Portuguese policies and initiatives of incentive to the promotion of knowledge transfer and valorisation, namely the Interface Centers, the CoLABs and the Innovation Portal, with a particular emphasis on the Knowledge Transfer and Valorization Offices in the Higher Education Institutions.

This initiative is aimed at promoting the dialogue on political opportunities and responses, which will guarantee that the investment in research and innovation will help shape the green and digital transition. This learning forum also aims at contributing to make sure that the policies for knowledge valorization complement, consolidate and stimulate each other at the European, national, regional and institutional level.

Registration is free and open until April 30th.

Find more information here.

Read the Report “Towards a Policy Dialogue and Exchange of Best Practices on Knowledge Valorisations” here.

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