Document aims to guide the network for the next 3 to 5 years

As the main goal of its 2020 Chairmanship of TAFTIE (The European Network of Innovation Agencies), ANI led the establishment of a new strategy for the mission, vision and values that will guide the association of innovation agencies for the next 3 to 5 years.

This document aims to steer the management of TAFTIE and its activities as well as to promote a joint direction, at a time in which innovation ecosystems are revealing themselves to be increasingly important.

The establishment of the mission and vision for TAFTIE was strongly influenced by the pandemic crisis, with effects that began to impact the world in 2020, right at the start of ANI's Chairmanship. In order to respond to this crisis, innovation agencies had to prepare new instruments and methods to combat the pandemic and support both companies and society, in a context that demanded quicker results.

This joint effort confirmed the need for collaboration between the different agencies that compose TAFTIE, as well as of establishing a consensual vision for the new strategy in late 2020. TAFTIE's new mission will include serving as a forum for knowledge exchange, as a joint action platform, as an access point to external partners, as well as fostering collaboration between innovation agencies.

The document that defines the new strategy for TAFTIE, approved on November 20th, was developed by ANI, by Luxinnovation, from Luxembourg, by Innosuisse, from Switzerland, and by SIEA (Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency), from Slovakia. The latter is now heading the TAFTIE Chairmanship for 2021.

TAFTIE is a European innovation agency network dedicated to helping its members implement R&I policies. It provides supranational training, access to expert knowledge, peer learning, and benchmarking. TAFTIE includes 32 organizations, namely ANI, from 28 European countries. The Chairmanship rotates every year among members. It was, in 2020, taken by ANI.

Read the full document here.

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