Document highlights the broad collaborative network between Portuguese and American institutions

The Annual Activity Report of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Programme (CMU Portugal), for the year 2018-2019, was recently released, highlighting the extensive network of collaboration established between Portuguese universities, research centres, companies and Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. The document characterises in detail the period in question, highlighting relevant data to the understanding of the technology and innovation sector in Portugal.

The CMU Portugal programme, launched in 2006, aims to position Portugal at the forefront of technology-based innovation through research activities, postgraduate training and close connection with the industrial sector. In this sense, the goal of this report is to present an assessment of the activities developed in the areas of education, training, research and innovation, within the scope of this international partnership.

Up to now, there are 25 companies affiliated to the programme and more than 900 students, researchers and teachers have been mobilised in Portugal and in the United States of America. CMU Portugal has supported 72 collaborative research projects and has more than 150 industrial partners, attracting private co-financing of more than 15 million euros and stimulating the creation of 12 technological startups.

CMU Portugal is funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and supported by ANI, as the entity responsible for promoting the National Innovation System. This international partnership focuses on internationalisation and cooperation and aims to develop science and technology with high impact.

In recent years, this programme has gained increasing prominence and national companies have assumed the role of driving a network of research and technological development. With this initiative, the innovation ecosystem is strengthened in Portugal, leading to the modernisation of the country's economic and social structure.

You can consult the full report here

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