June 28th to 30th, Lisbon Congress Centre

Ciência 2021 is the annual meeting of Portuguese science, technology and innovation. The event takes place from June 28th to June 30th, in the Lisbon Congress Centre and is promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology in collaboration with Ciência Viva and with the Parliamentary Commission for Education, Science, Youth and Sport, further supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

The tagline for Ciência 2021 will be "The Science that builds Tomorrow and transforms the Economy". There will be discussions on the main challenges and opportunities for Portuguese and European science in the current moment, approaching topics like the future of employment, space exploration, digital transition and climate change. This year's guest country is France, which will actively take part in the programme, highlighting the strong exchange and scientific cooperation with Portugal.

Ciência 2021 will be made up of different types of sessions: plenary (with live streaming transmission) and thematic, but also of communications, demonstrations and online posters. The Ciência 2021 programme includes six plenary sessions, one of which, under the theme "Science and Economy: recovery and resilience", (June 29th), will be moderated by the ANI Chairman, Joana Mendonça. Of the 26 thematic sessions, which will highlight the international partnerships of higher education institutions, companies and national entities, three will be organized by ANI and five by PERIN (Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network), through which ANI supports the national participation in Pillars II and III of Horizon Europe.

The organizing commission of Ciência 2021 includes David Braga Malta (founder of LiMM, Cell2B e BoostPharma), Marta Oliveira (specialist in launcher security in Europe's Spaceport with Vitrociset) and Paula M. Alves (CEO of iBET and professor at NOVA University of Lisbon - ITQB and FCT-NOVA).

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