Applications until September 27th

On May 12th, the European Commission launched six calls for proposals to fund research and innovation projects under the Mission: 'Adapting to Climate Change'. Applications can be submitted until September 27th via the Funding and Tenders PortalAll information about the 6 tenders here (page 44).

The main goal of this Mission is to support 150 regions and communities to accelerate their transformation to climate resilience by helping them understand, prepare for and manage climate-induced risks. To this end, it is intended not only to fund projects, but to encourage member states, regions and cities to participate as key agents of change in deploying new technologies, experimenting with innovative solutions that respond to local needs, and leading different stakeholders towards the green transition.

In this context, the European Commission has issued an invitation encouraging all towns, cities, municipalities, regions and communities to join this mission. Those wishing to join as asked to take a questionnaire. Once the answers have been analysed, the regions and communities that demonstrate a commitment to adaptation will be invited to sign the Mission Pact.

Participation in this survey is open and non-competitive. All applications received will be assessed accordingly. There is no deadline for submission, but the Commission will announce the first regions/communities during the Forum of the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change, on June 7th. This event will be hybrid (held in Brussels and online) and you can register here.

Entities such as research institutions, higher education institutions, companies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that are also committed to climate change resilience and adaptation can fill in the same survey and thus become friends of the Mission.

Here, you can find more information about the Mission or consult the information provided during the info days, dedicated to all missions of Horizon Europe (see the session here or see the presentation here.).

In order to support the preparation of the applications to these calls and clarify any doubts the applicants may have, ANI is also making the afternoon of June 23rd available for meetings to that effect. To participate, you can sign-up here, selecting the times available. If that date does not suit you, please send an email to the National Contact Points:

Cristina Gouveia ( Natália Dias (natá

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