The European Commission (DG AGRI) is promoting the call for national to sign the Soil Deal for Europe (EU) Manifesto. Registration will be continuously open.

This initiative aims to promote local knowledge, innovation, and investment to raise awareness of the need to protect soils. The manifesto may be signed by representatives of municipalities, regions, businesses, public or private organisations, NGOs, philanthropic organisations, schools, and educational institutions, as well as research institutions. It is possible to sign the manifesto individually and thus become 'Friends of the Mission Soil'.

Manifesto members will be able to demonstrate their commitment by protecting and restoring soil health, as well as participating in knowledge and experience-sharing activities at events on these themes. The name of the entities will be public, which will allow other entities to connect on the themes of health and soil protection.

EU Missions have targets to meet by 2030 to develop concrete solutions for today's challenges, thus promoting the development of society overall. In the case of Mission Soil, the aim is to create 100 living laboratories and lighthouses to lead the transition towards healthy soils.

The call for 2023, with 9 topics up for tender, is running until September 20th. Portugal has already raised EUR 2.65 million (M€) in 7 projects (with 11 entities involved) that were approved in the first 2 calls of Horizon Europe, launched under Mission Soil, corresponding to 1.7% of the total budget available.

Sign up to the manifesto here.

See the Mission Soil Manifesto, here.


ANI, within the scope of the PERIN Network, is accompanying the 'Planet' Missions of Horizon Europe (Soil, Ocean & Waters, Climate, Cities) in Portugal.

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