A new platform for the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) was launched. The Innovation Procurement Platform comes within the scope of promoting innovation activities in the public sector and showing the importance of PPI in modernising public services through innovative solutions and new business opportunities.

The tool now allows users to find a broad set of information, funding opportunities, news, events and other resources that are essential to the activities of public purchasers, all in one place. The new platform is divided into four main areas: “public procurement”, “news”, “resources” and “awards”, also responding to the objectives set for the European “Procure2Innovate” project, which aims to build a solid network of Skills Centres, disseminate tools and results to increase knowledge about acquiring innovation, and even involve the stakeholders.

Public Procurement of Innovation as a promoter of European competitiveness

“Public Procurement of Innovation can modernise public services through innovative solutions and can even create business opportunities for companies, SMEs and European start-ups, allowing them to gain ground in new markets. And this is essential for Europe's competitiveness in a digital economy.” Says Lieve Bos, the European Commission's Policy Officer at the European Commission, reinforcing the decisive strength of the government sector in promoting innovation.

Mark Hidson, Director of ICLEI's Sustainable Public Procurement Centre, a partner in the Procure2Innovate project, adds that this will be an excellent opportunity for European public authorities to share experiences and knowledge among themselves, finding solutions together and cooperatively. “Public procurement is an essential stimulator of innovation. Our experience proves that this is a powerful tool for governments to design and execute the best public services possible”, he adds.

The new website, besides functioning as a source of information, is a space for all those involved in public acquisition of innovation activities to come together and network.

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