Competition open to scientists of all nationalities

The German Federal Ministry of Science recently launched the “International Open Idea Competition”, a competition aimed at creating two large-scale science centres in two locations in East Germany. The competition aims to increase the relevance and scientific transformation of the East German region by introducing new modes of cooperation between science and industry.

The competition is mainly targeted at renowned scientists of any nationality seeking to support German innovation by incorporating scientific excellence into new marketable products and services.

To participate, applicants must have an innovative idea for the creation of a research centre and, in a second stage, present a viable plan for its implementation. The application proposal should also include the definition of a strategy for technology transfer between science and industry and detail resource requirements, including human resources.

Interested parties may submit their proposals until 31 March 2021. Subsequently, 500 000 euros will be allocated to 3 ideas by each of the two regions where the centres are to be implemented, for the preparation of the final proposal. In the final phase, an evaluation will be made of the scientific excellence, the expected contribution to the structural economic transformation of the region and the proposed structures for collaboration with industry.

From the applications submitted, the best proposal will be selected for each location, to which the German Ministry, depending on the success of the new centres, will allocate annual funding of up to 170 million euros.

Find more information about the “International Open Idea Competition” here

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