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The Portuguese project REPLAY was chosen as a finalist in the category Shaping a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life-cycle thinking of the New European Bauhaus 2022 Awards. If it wins the category, it will receive a prize of €30,000.

REPLAY, a project led by Zero Waste Lab and Precious Plastic Portugal, focuses on the quality and quantity of toys, exploring new perspectives of sustainable production, consumption and extended responsibility, inspired by the concepts of a circular and decentralised economy.

Throughout 2021, Replay has set up the first collection, sorting and recycling network for end-of-life toys, with a view to ending landfilling and maximising use of all materials. This recycling circuit has been tested at 11 locations. This process took place in partnership with the Precious Plastic local labs for the creative transformation of plastic into new toys and in partnership with local creative projects for recycling other materials - paper, electronics, metal and rubber. Some schools and local entities were also involved by providing tools for environmental education and proactive civic engagement.

Voting is open to the public until May 16th, 6 p.m. (CET), and you can support the Portuguese project by voting here. You can choose up to 6 favourites from a total of 52 finalists. In parallel with the public vote, the finalists will also be evaluated by a panel of judges.

The New European Bauhaus was launched in September 2020, by the President of the European Commission, with the aim of bringing the values of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion to the European Green Deal, bringing it closer to citizens and making it a tangible and positive experience for all, through connections between the world of art and culture and the domain of science and technology.

ANI is the National Contact Point, within the PERIN network, for the New European Bauhaus, with the responsibility of promoting the initiative and supporting Portuguese participation.

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