In 2018, the Interface Centres will have access to a fund of 12 million euros for multi-year funding

Logo_PI_Cores_400x130One year after the start of the Interface Programme, the Ministry of Economy has already recognised 28 Interface Centres, which currently represent around 17 thousand customers and a volume of 128 million euros in services provided to companies.

The Interface Centres promote the approximation between science, technology and the economy and are very important for national innovation, guaranteeing the support to companies in the dissemination and transfer of technology and in their development, qualification and internationalisation.

The multi-year core funding is a new instrument, originating from the Fund for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Circular Economy (FITEC) and will be based on a three-year business plan. It is not about funding projects, but the Interface Centres’ activities guarantee greater security and stability to these institutions so that they can gain competitiveness in the medium and long term.

The Interface Programme takes place once a year on the 23rd of February 2018, when the multi-year core funding will be launched in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral.

The ceremony is scheduled for 10.00am at the Institute of Welding and Quality, Taguspark, Av. Dr. Mário Soares n.º 35, Porto Salvo, Oeiras.

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