26th of November, 2.30pm, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

Excessive salt intake is a growing concern in society and has had an impact on several serious medical conditions. Currently, the main techniques for measuring the quantity of salt still present some limitations, such as their lack of portability, the high measurement time and the fact that they do not allow the analysis of complex food matrices.

It is in this context that the Salt Quanti project is born, which aims to demonstrate, in a real environment of use, the application of a portable and user friendly device to analyse the amount of sodium in food matrices based on the analytical methodology of Ion-Selective Electrode Potentiometry in 4 different contexts: General Directorate of Education, Regional Health Administration Units, Collective Restoration Companies, and Food and Economic Security Authority.

Promoted by the consortium formed by Evoleo Technologies and the University of Porto (through the FCNAUP and FEUP faculties), Salt Quanti will consist of the demonstration and optimisation of an innovative device in a real context and before the user sector that allows the market introduction of a portable, simple, accurate and reliable device for on-site measurement of sodium/salt content in complex food matrices.

This demonstrator project was supported by the ANI through the Business R&D Incentive Scheme - Demonstrative Projects in Co-development and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the NORTH PO.


Location: Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto


2.30pm - Reception

2.40pm - Presentation of the Project and Demonstration of the Equipment

3.30pm - Discussion table

4.00pm - Closing, with the presence of the previous SEAS: Prof. Fernando Araújo

4.15pm - Port Wine Tasting


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