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Co-Development TR&D

Support projects of companies in co-development with other companies or other entities of the R&I System, aiming at strengthening their competitiveness and international insertion.

TR&D Co-development – International Partners

This contest marks the third phase of International Partnerships with Carnegie Mellon University, MIT and the University of Texas in Austin (UT Austin), which began in 2018 and extends through to 2023.

Co-development R&D Centres

Support projects for the creation and dynamisation of a “Co-development R&D Nucleus” involving qualified human resources, originating from several co-developers.


Support advanced technology demonstrator projects and pilot lines that, based on successfully completed R&D activities, aim to showcase the economic and technical advantages of new technological solutions.


Support transversal and strategic R&D projects aimed at creating new products, processes or services with high technological and innovation content.

Industrial R&D projects on a European scale

To promote national co-funding of Portuguese entities participating in European R&D projects where co-funding is exclusively provided by national sources.

R&D Internationalisation

Support the internationalisation of R&D by stimulating the participation of R&I system companies and other entities in European research and innovation programmes.

Industrial Property

The Technological Research and Development Incentives System (TR&D IS) and the Scientific and Technological Research Support System (STRSS) aim to support projects aimed at protecting Industrial Property:

Technological Infrastructures

Support Scientific and Technological Knowledge Transfer structuring projects promoted by the Technological Interface Centres (TIC).

Implementation of Projects - Beneficiary's Guide

The financial incentives managed by the ANI in Portugal 2020 are aimed at promoting the reinforcement of private investment in R&I and collaborative innovation.

Classification of the SME

The objective is to foster the recruitment, by SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) in the Lisbon region, of highly qualified human resources with an academic qualification level of 8 (Doctorate degree).