Co-Development TR&D

Support projects of companies in co-development with other companies or other entities of the R&I System, aiming at strengthening their competitiveness and international insertion.

Co-development R&D Centres

Support projects for the creation and dynamisation of a “Co-development R&D Nucleus” involving qualified human resources, originating from several co-developers.


Support advanced technology demonstrator projects and pilot lines that, based on successfully completed R&D activities, aim to showcase the economic and technical advantages of new technological solutions.


Support transversal and strategic R&D projects aimed at creating new products, processes or services with high technological and innovation content.

Industrial R&D projects on a European scale

To promote national co-funding of Portuguese entities participating in European R&D projects where co-funding is exclusively provided by national sources.

R&D Internationalisation

Support the internationalisation of R&D by stimulating the participation of R&I system companies and other entities in European research and innovation programmes.

Industrial Property

The Technological Research and Development Incentives System (TR&D IS) and the Scientific and Technological Research Support System (STRSS) aim to support projects aimed at protecting Industrial Property:

Technological Infrastructures

Support Scientific and Technological Knowledge Transfer structuring projects promoted by the Technological Interface Centres (TIC).

Implementation of Projects - Beneficiary's Guide

The financial incentives managed by the ANI in Portugal 2020 are aimed at promoting the reinforcement of private investment in R&I and collaborative innovation.

Classification of the SME

The objective is to foster the recruitment, by SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) in the Lisbon region, of highly qualified human resources with an academic qualification level of 8 (Doctorate degree).