Interface Programme

Value Portuguese products through innovation, increasing productivity, creating value and incorporating technology into the production processes of Portuguese companies.

Collaborative Laboratories (CoLabs)

Create qualified employment and scientific employment through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at the creation of economic and social value.

Born from Knowledge (BfK)

Valuing the scientific and technological knowledge promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Technology and Business Exchange

Facilitate the supply and demand of technology and business opportunities among the National Innovation System players.

Innovation Awards and Contests

ANI intends to distinguish and reward R&D and innovation in Portugal. In addition to BfK, the ANI distinguishes the best academic papers on innovation in the Portuguese economy, as well as the best journalistic pieces on R&D and innovation

Technology Transfer Network

Promote the dynamics and networking of the entities involved in these processes.

Modernisation and Valuing Polytechnic Institutes

Valuing research and development activity in polytechnic institutions, as a way of enhancing their relationship with the business, social and artistic fabric.

Knowledge Transfer Initiative (SIAC)

Enhance the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business community through networks and actions that place value on the results of research and its economic use in markets and by companies.

Interface Centres (CIT)

Train TICs and companies, especially SMEs, in R&D and innovation activities, enhancing the link with innovation system entities and facilitating their access to highly qualified human resources.