May 4th, 10 a.m., digital format


ANI, in partnership with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), are promoting, within the PERIN network, a session dedicated to Horizon Europe's European Research Council (ERC) and European Innovation Council (EIC) programmes. The session will take place on May 4th, between 10 and 11.30 a.m., in digital format.

The topic of the event will be 'Opportunities aimed at funding R&D projects with scientific research components par excellence'. The potential synergies to be established between the two programmes will be addressed, as well as what distinguishes them, clarifying the doubts of the applicants and helping them prepare successful proposals.

ERC and EIC are the Horizon Europe programmes that aim to fund R&D projects with scientific research components par excellence. The ERC falls under Pillar I - Excellent Science of Horizon Europe, and the EIC under Pillar III - Innovative Europe. Both focus on research projects with the aim of achieving scientific breakthroughs and emerging and disruptive technological solutions. This session will be an opportunity to understand the synergies and differences between the two, so that applicants can use the various funding opportunities, as well as plan a medium/long-term technology leverage path.

This session will include the presentation of the HOP-ON as a funding facility within Horizon Europe's expansion strategy, for entities from Widening countries. This facility constitutes an incentive tool to support internationalisation and participation in benchmark consortia at European level.

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ANI, within the scope of the PERIN network, is responsible for supporting national participation in Pillar III of Horizon Europe.

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