July 12th to 15th, on the subject 'Industry 4.0 and Green Transition'

ANI is promoting the first Tech@Week, a week dedicated to the demonstration, dissemination and diffusion of knowledge and technology. Under the theme Hands on the future of Industry and Green Transition, this action of the TECH4INNOV project will take place between July 12th and 15th.

The first Tech@Week kicks off with a demonstration on Industry 4.0 and Green Transition, on July 12th, at the INL- International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, in Braga. This session will explore the main trends and challenges in this area and will feature the demonstration of innovative projects.

In addition to this session, the week will also include two other events, organised by INEGI - Institute for Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and by the Smart Farm Colab  and by the company Casais. The two interface institutions will open their doors to the community and present their mission, their objectives and the main results of their activities.

The Tech@Weeks initiative aims to bring together, for one week and every four months, the main stakeholders of the National Innovation System (NIS) to promote debates, a culture of innovation, and to disseminate and demonstrate technology and results.

Check out the programme of the first Tech@Week here.

Register for the demonstration at the INL (July 12th) here.

Register for the extra session at Smart Farm CoLAB (July 13) here.

Register here for the extra session at INEGI (July 14th).

Register for the extra session at Casais (July 15) here.


The Tech@Weeks are promoted within the scope of the SIAC - Knowledge Transfer Initiative, an initiative co-financed by COMPETE 2020, through Portugal 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund.

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