The European Commission, within the framework of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, in collaboration with the UK Government, has reached an agreement in principle on the UK's participation in the Horizon Europe and Copernicus programmes.

This scientific and spatial collaboration between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom will strengthen and deepen relations among scientific communities, promoting innovation and allowing researchers to work together on new and emerging technologies and global challenges, from climate to health. The European Union will consider giving UK participants access to strategic parts of the Horizon Europe programme, with the same conditions as other member countries.

UK researchers will be able to participate in the Horizon Europe programme under the same conditions as researchers from other associated countries, including leading consortia, in the R&I Work Programmes for 2024 and following - including any calls for 2024 opened this year. For the 2023 R&I Work Programmes calls, the European Commission will continue to manage transitional provisions and the UK will continue to provide funding to UK participants in approved projects.

The UK will also join the Copernicus Programme, which will allow access to opportunities in the areas of Earth monitoring and related services, such as the European Union's space surveillance and tracking services.

The joint statement can be found here.


ANI, within the scope of the PERIN network, is responsible for supporting and promoting national participation in Pillars II and III of Horizon Europe.

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