October 1st, 9 a.m., digital format

The European Commission is organising a session dedicated to the Horizon Europe Framework Programme's mission on 'Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.' This open debate will take place on October 1st, at 9 a.m. (Lisbon Time), in digital format.

The session, which includes the participation of Matthew Baldwin (Mission Manager), Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (Mission Board Chair), Thomas Osdoba (NetZeroCities project coordinator) and Dirk Beckers (Director of European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency), intends to provide information about this Horizon Europe Mission and how cities can get involved. There will also be a slot for Q&A from the audience.

The Horizon Europe Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities aims to reach a total of 100 climate-neutral smart cities by 2030. The main goal is to ensure that these cities act as experimentation and innovation centres so that, by 2050, all European cities are climate-neutral.

Missions are a commitment of the European Union to tackling some of the main global problems that are affecting society. Each of the five missions will have a time frame and a budget adapted to the challenge they set themselves in order to trigger solution-oriented innovation, involving all the stakeholders.

ANI, within the PERIN network, is responsible for monitoring and supporting national participation in Horizon Europe Missions, namely through Cluster 5 - 'Climate, Energy and Mobility', which includes the Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

Sign up for the session here.

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