Expressions of interest by October 20th

The European Commission (EC) has launched a survey for the whole community to share its opinion on two new draft proposals for the Code of Practice: co-creation between industry and academia for knowledge valorisation and the proposal for citizen engagement in this valorisation. Expressions of interest may be submitted by October 20th.

These two proposals for codes of practice emerge from the Council Recommendation on guiding principles for knowledge valorisation, aiming to provide more specific and detailed guidance.

The aim of this initiative is to gather additional contributions for finalising these codes, which will be vital for raising awareness and guiding research and innovation players in adopting good practices for the effective knowledge valorisation.

The codes of practice will contribute to Action 7 of the Policy Agenda (2022-2024) of the European Research Area (ERA), aimed at 'Strengthening EU guidelines for better knowledge valorisation'. They will also complement the existing Recommendations of the Commission on the code of practice on the management of intellectual assets for the knowledge valorisation ((EU) 2023/499) and on the code of practice on standardisation in the European Research Area ((EU) 2023/498).

The development of these codes will go on until the first quarter of 2024.

Survey on the draft Code of Practice on co-creation between industry and academia, here.

Survey on the draft Code of Practice for citizen engagement, here.

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