The deadline for nominations for the Procurement+ Awards 2020 has been extended until the 30th of April for all categories: “Innovation Procurement”, “Outstanding Innovation Procurement in ICT”, “Sustainable Procurement” and “Procurement Initiative of the Year”.

The Procurement + Awards recognise public procurement systems that have already been implemented, which stand out due to their innovation and sustainability and which result in significant improvements in public goods and services, processes and infrastructures.

The awards are co-financed by procure2Innovate, a project financed by the European Commission that has the strategic goal of building a solid network of skills centres that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Public procurement can be an important instrument for inducing innovation and R&D activities, both in companies and in public entities purchasing products and services, and it is in this sense that the ANI has set in motion the development of actions aimed at stimulating innovation through public procurement processes, including national level coordination of the procure2Innovate project, in close collaboration with IMPIC - Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction.

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