The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG R&I) has published the results of the public consultation on the future of European Union's Research and Innovation Programmes (R&I), which closed on February 23rd. The publication contains information on the priorities and concerns of citizens and stakeholders collected in this public consultation.

The performance of Horizon Europe 2020 and Horizon Europe has been assessed through a public consultation with stakeholders and citizens, who have contributed their views to the definition of the guidelines for the next 2025-2027 Horizon Europe Strategic Plan and the next R&I Framework Programme, the 10th R&I Framework Programme.

With a total of 265 papers submitted and 2788 answers, the most highlighted societal challenges were climate change, energy supply, loss of biodiversity and the burden on health systems and the ageing of the European population over the next 10 years. Regarding the structure of the 2025-2027 Strategic Plan, participants indicated that the current structure is complex and suggest its simplification and greater accessibility.

The full analysis of Horizon 2020 results will be presented at the end of 2023, while that of Horizon Europe will be presented at the end of 2024.

See the publication on these results here.

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