The European Research Executive Agency (REA) has published a document with common mistakes to avoid when applying for Horizon Europe (HE) funding. This document recommends that candidates keep it simple and objective by asking them to explain their projects in realistic terms.

Other advice presented in this document is on how to submit a project proposal, under Horizon Europe, which requires careful planning, an accurate budget and continuous collaboration with partners, so that the proposals submitted guarantee the required quality requirements. Guidelines were shared to help the preparation of a better proposal.

One of the important points in the proposal is to explain how to address gender dimensions in research through the Gender Equality Plan (GEP), which is mandatory for entities in Member States and Associated Countries, whether they are public bodies, research organisations or higher education institutions. For these legal entities, GEP must be in force at the time of signature of the Grant Agreement.

ANI, within the PERIN network, is responsible for monitoring Pillars II and III of Horizon Europe.


More information on the document can be found here.

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